Let's dig deeper

I'm a physical, voice, and comic actor and improviser. My work has been seen on cable's "Primal Instinct," Elite Daily's "GenWhy," SELF Magazine online, and heard on Comedy Central and the PRI podcast "Pants on Fire!" I've played lead and supporting roles in films screened at festivals in NYC, NJ, Baltimore, Chicago, Bonita Springs, Nova Scotia, and Gary, IN. I've also been nominated for a best actress award at BTFF.


My training includes UCB, Circle in the Square, Emerson College BFA, and theatrical clown training from some of the most recognizable names in clown.


I'm also a writer and self-producer. I co-host the clown variety show "An Unapologetic Mess" and create original work through the clown lens. I have brought comic solo performances to The Brick Theater's International Clown Theater Festival and San Diego's Finest City Improv Theater. You can see some of my original work here on my Vimeo page.  My skills and hobbies include guitar, ukulele, juggling, sign language, CPR and other life-saving techniques, such as bartending, jewelry repair, labor organizing, and dark humor.

An enthusiastic collaborator, I welcome you to reach out.

But wait, there's more: I'm a licensed nurse. My skills include injections, phlebotomy, EKG, wound care, CPR, and I know my way around an IV. I've worked in public health, pediatrics, community healthcare for the underserved, and student healthcare at a big private university (what you might call the over-served).

Please cover your mouth *with your elbow* when you cough.